Our History

If you want to find the source of greatness or mark of achievement for any establishment, big or small, it's not a mystery; look to the leadership. In 1982, when Western Sizzlin first opened its doors in Harrison, to let that sweet southern food aroma waft from them, Thomas Honer was there working as a full-time cook and meat cutter.  After 11 years, Thomas became the assistant manager.  By July of 1994, only a short three years later, he was the general manager and in 1998 Thomas became a part owner. From meat cutter, to restaurant owner. 

That's the mark of dedication, service, and commitment Western Sizzlin is known for. Of course, the principles of great leadership also trickle down to the team resulting in top-notch service and great team effort you will receive and experience at Western Sizzlin.